Just Getting Started

This month, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. So far, it has been incredible to be married to such a wonderful person as Lee. I can’t speak for him, but I’m guessing he still likes me because this whole photography business was his idea. It was a surprise to me, because Lee live his life in search of surety and security. But we want to travel more - especially to Disney World - and we’re hoping that this business will give us the freedom to do just that.

In celebration of our anniversary, I wanted to share some of the photos from our own wedding. Obviously, we did not take these photos, but they were so beautiful that I always love showing them off. Our photographer, Trevor C. Davis, did an amazing job and really started to inspire us toward this business. He was so friendly and unobtrusive and got every picture we were looking for - even staying late to get a picture of me and my dad, even though he had a 100+ fever. What a trooper!

We only hope that we can bring some of the joy between us to other couples. And some of the lasting happiness that our wedding photos have brought us.