maymont park

Love You to the Death Star and Back

We had the immense joy of photographing Lee’s sister and her husband for their first anniversary. A couple of weeks ago, we all went to the beautiful Maymont park in Richmond, VA to re-visit some of the places Megan and Jason were photographed for their wedding. Some details of note are the single pink daisy Megan is carrying — they were the centerpiece of her bridal bouquet — and the little Warhammer figurine painted with their wedding date. Megan carried this little guy as he something blue. Jason, who plays Warhammer with his friends, painted the figure himself. How sweet!

They chose May 5th for their wedding date because both are big Star Wars fans. May the 4th may be Star Wars Day, but May 5th is Sith Day. They even used some beautiful arrangements of Star Wars music in their ceremony.

Take a look at some of our favorites from their anniversary session:

Megan & Jason

We were so glad to be able to enjoy Lee's sister, Megan, getting married earlier this summer in the beautiful Maymont Park. She and her new husband, Jason, really bring out the best in each other, and we hope they have nothing but fun and smiles between them.

This day was particularly fun for me, because I've always felt that I might have been a DJ in another life. We were the sound engineers for Megan and Jason's ceremony and it was so much fun! Shout out to the Wedding DJ app, which allows anyone to be in control of the music for their big day. I used it at our own wedding in 2014 and have recommended it so many times since!