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Small Town Throw Down


Recently, our little-bitty town celebrated 100 years of the Caroline County Agricultural Fair. For such a rural area, a county fair is really a big deal - and not just because there isn't much else to do. The agricultural fair celebrates farm life, simple living, and community in a way that is so important to a way of life that really is going the way of the dodo.

In keeping with the tradition of a small-town county fair, there were contests for baked goods, preserved items, and hand-made crafts. A local hauling company showcased their new lumber mill as well as their collection of beautiful antique cars. An entire building was filled with vintage home-making appliances, tools, dishes, and clothes (this was my favorite part) and even featured a lovely woman who was caning a chair by hand! No easy feat.

Basically, we would recommend that anyone attend and enjoy their own local agricultural fair. Local history is so important to our future, to remember what we have done right and wrong. And it is always emotional and exciting to see a way of life that is fading fast - hard farm work, animal husbandry, preserving everything within reach, and making the most of what one has.