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Sweet and Simple

We’ve had a busy couple of months — moving, a smidge of traveling, and photographing two beautiful weddings at a local chapel in Bowling Green, VA. The Little Wedding House at Magnolia Morning Inn & Suites caters to small ceremonies and elopements. It is such a joy to participate in the intimate weddings there.

Our first couple was Jackie and Anthony, who plan on having a big reception in late spring when Anthony returns from his deployment. For security reasons, we can’t show their faces. But trust us when we say that they were beautiful and so in love. Stay safe and thank you for your service.

The second couple we’ve gotten to photograph at Magnolia Morning was Kristen and Jimmy. They have two beautiful children who joined them and their families for the big day. It was a beautiful autumn day and we so enjoyed the outdoor ceremony.

We're Going to Disney World!

In an attempt to fulfill a long-running dream, Lee and I are putting together a special photography trip to Walt Disney World!

disney world.png

We are actively seeking four clients for exclusive 4-hour sessions IN THE PARKS! That means that you could have your Disneymoon or Elopement photographed in the park, surprise your partner with an engagement or pregnancy announcement, celebrate an anniversary or adoption - anything you want! It truly is our dream to capture others' dreams coming true. Contact us for pricing.

See ya real soon!

Megan & Jason

We were so glad to be able to enjoy Lee's sister, Megan, getting married earlier this summer in the beautiful Maymont Park. She and her new husband, Jason, really bring out the best in each other, and we hope they have nothing but fun and smiles between them.

This day was particularly fun for me, because I've always felt that I might have been a DJ in another life. We were the sound engineers for Megan and Jason's ceremony and it was so much fun! Shout out to the Wedding DJ app, which allows anyone to be in control of the music for their big day. I used it at our own wedding in 2014 and have recommended it so many times since!

Frankie & Kelsey

     Something I think most photographers think, but don’t admit, is that a photographer’s job is made much easier when the subjects are good-looking. We lucked out with Frankie and Kelsey, a newly-engaged couple who plan to get married in about a year. As an added bonus, we got the chance to take these engagement photos at a beautiful historical home here in Caroline County, Green Falls. We’ve known Frankie for years and were so glad to get to know Kelsey during this shoot. Lee and I are sure that they will be happy together for many years to come.

Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

This month, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. So far, it has been incredible to be married to such a wonderful person as Lee. I can’t speak for him, but I’m guessing he still likes me because this whole photography business was his idea.